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Add tasks via Siri
This feature is now free per the recent update. But it doesn't work for me. After I activate the setting in the app. If I leave the app and come back, the setting is unchecked. And I haven't been able to actually add anything via siri without manually using the import option.

Sorry for the troubles. This is a known issue. We will have it fixed asap.

I've signed up for the premium account but cannot add tasks via Siri either. Is this the same or a related issue?

When I go into Settings > Siri > App support Tick Tick isn't listed, even though adding tasks through Siri has been enabled in the app itself.

(I have an old iPhone by the way - iPhone 5 - could that be the problem?

Thanks in advance..

Please go to TickTick Settings > Task Quick Add > Siri & Reminders and check if you've enabled the feature?

I can't add tasks via Siri in Spanish (Spain) since it doesn't recognize "Add" in Spanish. Additionally the language is moved to Spanish (Latinamérica) when I leave of voice impute language.

The problem posted by Mark "If I leave the app and come back, the setting is unchecked" is still happening, not when leaving the app, but some minutes later.

Please, resolve this points since they are major topics for tasks introduction on iPhone.

Thank you in advance :)

Have noted it down and will look into it.
I have just signed up for a premium account and can't add via Siri or voice. I hold down the plus sign icon, it flashes for less than a second to Preparing, and it almost immediately jumps to "Failed to add task, Sorry, I didn't hear what you said." I confirm that I've enabled TickTick Settings > Task Quick Add > Siri & Reminders. It does the same thing if I hold down the microphone in the task input box.

It does work if I use the Siri mic by pressing & holding my phone's button.

Please resolve this—it's why I paid for the account.
Hey Molly,

Sorry for the issue. We have got it fixed in this pack. Could you please download it and have a try?
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