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Add tasks via Siri
This feature is now free per the recent update. But it doesn't work for me. After I activate the setting in the app. If I leave the app and come back, the setting is unchecked. And I haven't been able to actually add anything via siri without manually using the import option.

Sorry for the troubles. This is a known issue. We will have it fixed asap.

I've signed up for the premium account but cannot add tasks via Siri either. Is this the same or a related issue?

When I go into Settings > Siri > App support Tick Tick isn't listed, even though adding tasks through Siri has been enabled in the app itself.

(I have an old iPhone by the way - iPhone 5 - could that be the problem?

Thanks in advance..

Please go to TickTick Settings > Task Quick Add > Siri & Reminders and check if you've enabled the feature?
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