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pomo complete alert sound cannot be muted on mac os
Hello, I've turned off the sound in the mac os notification, but it seems the app is still playing the pomo completed sound. I got scared every time it played.... >_<

Sorry for the bad experience. We will evaluate your feedback soon.
I second this.

I should be able to either choose the volume of the alarms or be able to turn it off entirely. The pop up is enough for my purposes.

I don't know what is wrong with the volume level of your notification sound but I like to listen to music while working, my Spotify volume is set to somewhere between 50 and 80% volume (default).

I am deafened every time by the pomo alarm to the point where I have grown used to keeping an eye on the little circle in the corner of my window to see if it's almost done, so I know to remove my headphones / turn down my speakers because I don't enjoy being deaf.

I can easily turn this off in the internals of the OS but this seems to do nothing as the sounds still play. * (edited)
I agree. I like the Pomo feature but feel I cannot use it because of the startling noise that deafens my ears every time I complete a Pomo.
Same here, I can't wait for a solution to this!
Same here, this makes the Pomo feature unusable for me.
Same. 7 months have passed. Please, respect the "Don't disturb" mode.
I really hate this as well. It scares the shit out of me every time. I would rather not use the Pomo at all if I can't get rid of the noise!!!!!!
Hi guys,

The feedback has been noted. Product team will reevaluate it.
Ok it's 1am and I just discovered this bug. I mean, can't we just get a simple toggle to silence it completely?
Plz let me know how I can turn the sound of pomo off...
Agreed. Just scared me half to death. It does every time.
I agree! Another, related, problem is the "task completed" ding sound. In the Mac OS app, I cannot find a way to turn that off either. I cannot think of another app I use that refuses to give me control over the sounds it makes.
2 years later, nothing. Since time tracking is an important solution for me, I am cancelling my subscription and switching to a new tool. It's just a damn mute function.
Please let us configure/mute/etc the pomodoro alarm. I stopped using the awesome pomodoro feature in TickTick because it scares me every time haha.
Please fix this it's absolutely deafening and startles me every time if I have my volume up.
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