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Apple Watch complication
I'm new to ticktick and I'm trying to get ticktick to show up as a complication on my Apple Watch. I have multiple different watch faces that contain lots of information/complications and but ticktick does not seem to show up as an option to have on any of these faces. Do you have advice on how to fix this situation? Is there a particular spot on a particular watch face where it can be added?

Sorry for the inconvenience. Support for the new iWatch will be added in the upcoming v4.8.5. Please wait for a bit longer.
Thank you - that is helpful! Happy to wait knowing it will be coming. Any idea how long for that?
Should be out in 1-2 weeks. Mainly depends on the Apple Store. :)
That's awesome. Really loving ticktick and that's the one thing left that will make it perfect. Thanks.
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