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Can't sort tasks in today list- Android
I can sort my Today tasks on PC and iPad but can't sort (drag & drop) on Android device Pixel 2.
I am having the same problem on Android Samsung Galaxy 8 after the update. Today tasks are listed in date order and can't be re-sorted using drag and drop.

Could someone please advise when this will get fixed? Thanks
Hi! I have encountered the same problem after the last update. Android 7
Same. Emailed support this morning.
Same. Emailed support this morning.

Could you guys be more specific about the issue? We will look into it asap.,

In which section did you have troubles with dragging?
Hi Oilexxxi,

The problem is with the 'today' list within the app on my Samsung galaxy 8.

My tasks in today are sorted by 'list' and prior to the update it was possible to drag and drop within each list on today. Now the tasks are listed by date and it is not possible to re-order them. This significantly reduces the usefulness of this app for me and until this is fixed I will be disappointed. I do hope this helps explain the issue. If not please let me know.

I had emailed ticktick support and a got a response explaining that this may be fixed in version 5.0.1 which is due end of Feb/march time however this seems too long for me to wait without a properly functioning app. I do hope this could be resolved sooner? Thanks

Hi all!
I confirm what the previous message outlines.
When I try to drag&drop any task in views "Today" or "Tomorrow", it hops back to the start position as soon as I release my finger. I use sort setting set to "list"
Hi Devs,

thanks for fixing this in recent update, appreciated!

Yes this has been fixed, Thank you so much.
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