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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro notification
I know that it may be something about the device I'm using, but maybe you've got an idea how to fix that.
I've been using TickTick with wearable devices for years now and it's crucial for me to get notifications on a smartband, cause I forget about everything.
Recently these notifications became useless as they shows on the band, but without me being notified by vibration. It doesn't happen with any other app so my question would be - do you know why TickTick become special? I've changed notification settings in many different ways but nothing works.
- I'm using Huawei mate 20 lite dual sim
I investigated it a bit for myself and found one more clue. AFAIC there are few types of notification in Android (Notify, Notify Sound, Notify Vibrate...) I assume you use the first one, without sound and vibration and then both sound and vibration can be added manually via Tick Tick settings. So when Tick Tick sends simple notification to my Gear Fit it does 'appear' there, but without vibration, so actually it doesn't notify me. I tested these types of notification using Tasker for Android and it confirmed my theory.
Do you think you can find a solution for that? Your app has been making my life better for a couple of years now and I really don't want to change it, but this functionality is crucial for me.
Maybe you could use this as a workaround...

It is tasker plugin that can react to notifications from other apps. So you could presumably create some temporary notification (removes itself after 1 second delay maybe) triggered by TickTick notification event, that will vibrate on your band.
That's what I did when I realized what's the reason. Actually I didn't use the plugin, but I did use another notification just to induce vibration. Still... original notification has useful buttons like done and snooze and to use them now I need to go to notifications list on my band, chose the one and then a button. I mean it's doable, but pain it he *** in the long term. Especially because I know that it worked before and I had been just for single wrist movement from my notifications :)
Hello :)
Anybody out there?
Hello Marek,

Unfortunately, we are no longer maintaining the Samsung gear app. We'd commend you to use the mobile app for a better service.
I don't use the Samsun gear app. I just receive notifications from all of the apps I use on my phone and all of them works except yours, because you made them without vibration and sound. I was wondering if you can maybe add some kind of an option to change the notification type to default notification with vibration and sound or at least only vibration.

Could you go to the system settings > installed app > TickTick > notifications > and set the task ringtone, see if that helps?
It's enabled. Not sure what I should change. Please see the screenshot:
Sorry, Marek. I'm afraid that there's nothing we could do then. It's a known issue that certain Android systems would block notifications from third-party apps. We've been contacting the mobile manufacturers and seeking for a solution as well. We will keep an eye for the issue and see if it could be fixed in the future.
I have the same issue that Marek described except I'm using Galaxy Active (also a Samsung smartwatch). The notifications are showing up on the watch but there is no vibration and I've tried everything - at first, I thought the watch was faulty but I realized it was only not vibrating for the TickTick app. This is a really important feature for me, so unfortunately, I think I'll have to find another to-do list app whose reminders CAN vibrate on the smartwatch. :(
I have the same issue. I am using galaxy watch and pixel 3xl. Except the tick tick all the app notification works fine and am getting notifications on the watch. I just bought subscription for tick tick but now its so frustrating. I feel sorry for my self for switching todoist app to tick tick only for calendar view.
Same problem here with the Gear S3. Can anyone recommend a recurring task app that works ok in this case?
Same issue with note 10 plus and galaxy watch, first there were no notification on watch but after I disabled pop up notification in tick tick app and enabling doze I can see notifications on my watch but without any vibration, It's odd cuz all apps (literally all of them) notifications are displayed on watch with vibration except tick tick! May be devs mess around with android default notification system! ?
I have the same issue with my galaxy watch. No vibration, just a dot notification. And I confirm - the issue is only with ticktcik application. Did somebody find the decision?
Is there a way that we can change notification type of apps(from sound to vibrate) manually?
I had the same problem with Galaxy Watch. Just enable Sound in system settings .
And disable "Annoynig Alert" and "Stick on Status Bar" in TickTick preferences.
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