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Import not working from Toodledo
Help. I've exported my Toodledo tasks as a csv file and then tried importing them to ticktick via the web version - and it imported the structure of my Toodledo list (imports folders as lists) but does not import any tasks. Won't import open tasks, won't import completed tasks.

Please select "csv" when importing via
That is how I generated the CSV file - from Toodledo. And the data is in there. The problem is it does not import into TickTick. Not via the plain settings backup import csv nor the settings backup import Toodledo options...
Yeah I had the same problem. Accomplished in the end:

1. Input sample data into TickTick
2. Take a backup
3. Examine the structure of the backup
4. Download CSV backup from Toodledo
5. Re-structure my Toodledo file to match TickTick backup
6. Import re-structured Toodledo file into TickTick
7. Import just did not work for tags, so these had to be manually inserted once tasks were in TickTick

This was *very* time-consuming. Devs - import needs fixing.
Has this been fixed? I'm having the same problem.
Hey Kat,

Could you plz try not re-structuring your Toodledo file to match TickTick backup and see if it works well? Structuring may ruin the format.

What I found, as did the original poster, is that your CSV importing does not work.
After many hours trying different things, the method outlined above was the only thing that did work.
Anyway, your help is six months too late.
I also just tried to export my tasks as CSV in Toodledo and import in TickTick - it does not work.
@Support - can you fix it please.
Hey Vadym,

If it is possible, could you please send us the CSV file to us via
The devs will have a test and look into it asap.
Hi, any update on this? I just signed up for an account today, and tried to import my toodledo tasks - it's not working.
any news on this issue?
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