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Search by Tags with operators
Tags are pretty useful cause they help you to stay organised and I'm glad TickTick has it as a core feature.
BTW, when I would like to quickly search for some tasks based on tags I got stuck in the Native Mac App as well as the iOS app.

For instance, sometimes you would like to search for a specific tag (ie: #holidays) in combination with another tag (ie: #2019) with operators like AND (ie: "#holiday AND #2019) and get a list of tasks that match only this combination.

Unfortunately the search function doesn't manage properly such a search text.

NB: I'm not talking about "Smart Lists" here, I'm talking about a simple "search function" because sometimes you don't want to create dozen of smart lists just for quick searches coming in your mind.

Any feedback or roadmap insights appreciated!


To support this is already in our plan.
Please implement searching on the Mac App by tag name ... this is already a feature on the phones!
+1 - This is definitely needed!
+1 oh lord, that's on their roadmap or next feature for more than a year now... nop... I'm giving up on this app, sorry.
+1 Bummer. I had just reorganized over 200 entries using tags and simplifying lists and just tried to search more than one tag at a time and... here we are.

It's puzzling that for such a full-featured application, the ability to do Boolean searches with tags is still "in development." :(
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