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Hide tasks that haven't yet started?
I'm using Ticktick in hopes of replacing Google Inbox's reminders. I usually put in a reminder, then snooze it until I want to work on it, keeping it out of view until it's relevant.

In TickTick, is there a way to hide all tasks whose due or start times are in the future? I thought I could just set a start time in the future, but it appears that all of the day's tasks appear in the "Today" view, regardless of start time.

Is there a way, for example, to create a smart list that could filter on start date?

If you go to the list settings by editing it, there is a checkbox which allows you to opt out that specific list from showing in smart lists (today, tomorrow, etc...). You will need to set a reminder on the task though for you to be reminded, but even then the task won't show in smart lists, but you will not miss the reminder.

Inbox will be missed :"(
I wonder what else will Google kill next!
Thanks, but it sounds like I'd never see those at all in my 'today' view at all though.

I think what I'm looking for is the ability to filter on date such that I could have a list that would show only those tasks matching

duedate <= now

(or, possibly startdate <= now?)
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