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Improving "Plan the day" option
I really like the concept of the "plan the day" option but find its current functionality lacking. I would really like to see the following.

1. When selecting a different time for a task, have it bring up the days agenda similar to how it is in the "duration view". This would be a huge benefit as you can't really determine what a good time is to schedule the task without knowing what the rest of the day looks like. Right now, all it gives you is a time selection menu which requires me to guess and re-arrange the tasks later on when I can see the entire days schedule.

2. Have the ability to edit the task directly within the planning the day mode. So that I can add a description, checklist or modify the list folder that it belongs to.

3. Are there any plans to have the "Plan the day" feature in the Web or Windows Client?
I would like to see this come to the Windows and web version as well. No one else has this feature on Windows and it would really give TickTick the edge.
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