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postpone 1 Week/1 Month means different things in Web and mobile app

when I postpone a task in the web application and click on "next Month" (for example), than the task is set a month later from now on. Thats logical for me. But in the mobile app, it is set a month later from the date, the task was set.


Task XY actually has the date 1.1.2019
today (8.1.2019) I go to the web app and click on the half moon for "next month"
And now the new date for the task is 8.2.2019 (from now on 1 month later).

But when I go to the mobile app and click on the half moon, the new date is 1.2.2019

can you please make it working the same way? I think its better like in the web app.

sorry for my bad English. I hope, you can understand my question.
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