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Windows App - Portable/Non Admin

Is there any available non-admin portable version?

I don't always have admin access to all the computers that are part of my workflow, and would like to maintain access to TickTick Windows desktop app.

Sorry, we don't have any portable version of the app.
How about at least provide it as a Windows Store app? I would like to install it on my work computer. My organization only allows apps approved from Microsoft Windows 10 App Store.

The next best option is to provide a portable version of the software (like the user who requested before). This will drastically improve the adaptation of TickTick in an enterprise scenario.

Are there any plans to make windows store app?
Top priority for me. Thanks.
Any update on this from the team?
Hi A portable app or windows store app will really be useful. Thanks if you consider it
I'm in the same boat as the OP. Please submit the app to the Microsoft Store so those of us without admin rights on our PCs can install and use a native app.
Yes please consider either a portable version or a Microsoft store app, it will be very helpful
Hi all,

I'm also using PCs with no access to the installer due to Group policy and lack of admin rights.

I have a working work-around (ha) for this now! Search Google for 'Github dscharrer innoextract' and download version 1.7 (or later).Extract it and then put the TickTick installer file in the same folder.

Drag the install file onto the 'innoextract' application, and it will start unpacking the installer. You'll get three folders (app, doc, licence) - open the app folder and TickTick.exe can be opened and used as normal!

Hope this helps,

This is awesome! Thanks for coming up with it Matt :)
Thanks, Matt worked like charm.
Igualmente, desde España (Spain), en el Sistema de Salud (Health Services), tenemos limitaciones. Puedo abrir la lista como extensión de Chrome; pero, son tantas cosas, que me beneficiaría una aplicación que pudiese mantener "abierta".

Gracias, no obstante por el trabajo de este programa.

Antonio Escudero. Staff, Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda-Madrid
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