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Set duration time without date
I'd like to be able to estimate a duration time for tasks before knowing on what day the task will be done. This way I can quickly see if a task is do able in the time I have available.
Is this already possible somehow?
If not I'd like to request it as a feature
Just out of curiosity, I noticed you are not premium account, does free account can set the duration for a task? I never know.
I do have a premium account but a few weeks ago it randomly said I didn't and I had to "subscribe" again(my subscription wasn't stopped, it still showed as subscribed in the google play app, so I think it's a glitch). So now it's restored but it doenst show here for some reason

If you wanted to estimate the time you spend on each task, you may give the "estimated pomo" feature a try. To support an individual estimate function is not in our current plan.
Thanks I'll try that out!
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