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How to let multiple users from different lists to know about a task?
TL;DR: How do I let multiple users from different lists to know details about a specific task in a particular list by not inviting them into the list.

I have a challenge for the developer to solve this inconvenience. Let me describe.

I have 3 lists, all are shared. List A is for business, only working colleagues are inside. List B is for family, only family members are inside. List C is for my girlfriend, only her & me inside the list.

Say I have to travel to China during 20th - 26th Jan with my colleagues, so we have set a task in List A. But I need to let my family (list B) and girlfriend (list C) know that I will be going outstation for a long period of time. How do I let all my family members and girlfriend know that I will be outstation without them involving into the list (List A) that is irrelevant to them?

This has been many occasions that when the nature of a task in one list affect the other users on the different list; especially for their planning. However, they are not invited to the list because they don't need to. For example, why I need to invite my mum to my business list where she just needs to know when I will go abroad so that she knows how to plan for the kids care-taking. Also we need to protect the privacy about certain tasks in the list by not simply invite everyone in.

I'm just giving a simple example here, I think you can imagine the same occasion happens in cross-department in a company. The challenge is there.

Please don't ask me to create 3 different tasks in 3 different lists just to let them know I go aboard. We are only talking about me getting aboard, I haven't mentioned other matters yet. Then we will have too many duplicating tasks and things will become too complicated.

Alright, "Calendar event" is your answer to me. But NO is my answer to you. Some tasks are tasks, they are not events, but somehow affect other users on the other list as well. By the way, we ditched Google calendar long ago (except some public calendars) because the sync between Google calendar and TickTick is TOO SLOW, it takes minimum 12 hours (as I can remember). Oh boy, that is too slow and we can't accept that slowness in our productivity.

The issue of the sync between TickTick & Google Calendar has been addressed here:
Hey there,

So sorry for the late reply. Just went through the post, very detailed feedback and constructive advice, I already pass it <let multiple users from different lists to know details about a specific task in a particular list by not inviting them into the list> to the product team.
We will do an evaluation and keep improving the share lists feature. Thx.
Thank you.
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