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Will adding a lot of notes and long format writing slow down tick tick
Can I use Ticktick like a journal or will it slow it down?
I've used TickTick for over 2 years, and have seriously thousands of done/undone tasks. I see slowness when I keep "show completed" active, but the typical setting of "hide completed" seems fine. If your phone is older/has less system performance, it may slow down-I'm using a Moto G5 Plus, and have about 6000 tasks that have gone thru.
Hey Dan thank you so much for the input. I do have "show completed" active and so far it has slowed down maybe 2 times. I'll start hiding completed since I really dont use it as much. Currently I have 1k task that are uncompleted and about 1k more completed. I seem to be writing as much as 10 notes a day for my journal and about 5 to 10 tasks for my todos, so you can see how fast that can start growing. If its start to slow down I will have to move to Google Keep but I hate that you cannot use folders like tick tick.
I would easily go to psychotherapy at 1,000 incomplete tasks. You're a hero, Erick!
Dear Erick, TickTick is to-do focus, why you want to write journal on a To-do app? Move to evernote or so please. Or there is even Journal app specially designed for that purpose.
Well you are right kevin. But tick tick has the BEST fast note taking feature of any app out there. If you want to write a quick note. you can simple press hard on the tick tick icon and press write a note and a pop up appears. Making it super fast to write things you have in your head. Can be todos but can also be journal things.

More over I found a huge benefit to using one tool for most things I do in my life. I'm in a minimalistic cleanse and I'm trying to reduce the things I use.

Also it's not a big deal to use is as a journal due to the fact that tick tick allows you to add folders and list and on those list features it also allows you to hide from that list the task from other places like all and inbox etc. But its more a matter of slowing down tick tick and after confirming with the developers having a lot of task will in fact slow tick tick. So I am considering other options like google keep.

Haha yes you can go crazy for sure Wassim but I have a lot of folders and lists that allow me to organize them. I am also using the GTD system which helps a lot. And the Quadrants from Eisenhower to know how to prioritize :)

A few of the task that I have in tick tick are backburners and probably won't get done but GTD makes you write them regardless
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