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Smart list for all lists except events
Is there a way to create a smart list that includes tasks from all lists except events? The default smart lists all include events. I tried creating a custom smart list for tasks due in the next 7 days, however, there isn’t an option to include tasks from all lists except for events. I could manually select all of my lists except events, however, I would have to edit the smart list every time I add a new list to make sure it is included.
I ended up choosing the option to include all lists, current and future, of a particular folder. This works for now, but it seems like I will have to modify the smart list if I add a list to a new folder. It would still be nice to have an “except” option when setting up a smart list. For example, all tags except #not important. Several other task managers have this option and it seems like it would be pretty easy to add.
Hello John, please add your voice here:
Done. It’s a little ridiculous that this feature isn’t already included. To make it worse this was requested, and the request acknowledged by the developer, back in 2017 and still nothing. 2Do is one of the best apps I have found for smart lists and I may have to switch back to it. It’s only drawback is you can only attach pictures and audio to tasks but no other files. On the plus side, you can include actions in task to automate them. For example, I can create a task with the the action to call John Doe. When the notification pops up all I have to do is click on it and it starts the call. It has actions for calls, emails, websites, going to a location and a few others. I would really like to see TickTick as something similar but for now will settle for the NOT operator in smart lists.

I absolutely understand where you're coming from. I really am thrilled with what TickTick has to offer, but the team sometimes don't take users' requests seriously. TickTick's poor support was one of the main reasons why I shifted back to Todoist. I truly love TickTick and keep an eye on it because I believe it is promising, but the problem with TickTick team is that sometimes they focus on things that are not of high priority, and procrastinate on doing the more important things like the simple request that you have (and we had for over a year now). This is a no-brainer yet TickTick keeps focusing on additions way more than usability.

I had long discussions with them and explained over and over what's wrong with their approach, but unfortunately, they haven't listened. At the end of the day, this is an independent company and they have every right to do what they see ideal to shape the future of their app, but they don't realize that we also have every right to quit using their app, which I ended up doing.

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