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Please try to fix redundant notifications
I have TickTick installed on 2 iPhones and 1 iPad.

When I address a notification reminder from one device, the same notifications 'should not' remain on the other devices. Another scenario, if I click into the app and address a task - the notification reminders should not remain in the notification center. This is redundancy. Redundant notification reminders means: more clicks, confusion, wasted time, inefficiency, etc.

This problem is not unique to TickTick. I noticed it exists on most other task management apps and the explanation from support teams almost always points at -> Apple as being the cause. I do not believe this to be true, because there are apps that effectively address this issue (e.g. Sorted3, Alarmed). If so much as one app can address this issue, then all can and should.

Please try to address this on TickTick and keep up the great work.

Sorry for the inconvenience. As far as we know there is indeed a system restriction about this issue. Your feedback will be passed to the dev team and they will have a check about how other apps addressed it.
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