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Reoccurring tasks
3 days ago, in the calendar view via the android app, I could see the reoccurring tasks due today that were up to date marked by a square along with the reoccurring tasks still due today but that were overdue marked by the circular symbol. If I checked off a task due it would disappear and i could update an overdue reoccurring task to be marked for today. Now, I cannot update any overdue tasks and when I mark a reoccurring task complete it reappears with the circular symbol and I can't tell the difference between something ive already done and the overdue tasks that still need attention. Please help, thanks
I'm having the same problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We made some changes in the latest update. Will let the product team know your feedback!
So now, along with the problem above, the completed reoccurring tasks are also showing at the bottom of my calendar for today and tomorrow and I have not marked "show completed" or completed anything for tomorrow...

Could you please provide some screenshots to We will look into the issue soon.
Just did, thank you!
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