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Date/time format
Windows app should use the same date/time format of the OS.
Right now, my OS uses DD-MM-YYYY, while TickTick uses MM-DD-YYYY

The date format on win is using the format setting of your system. Could you double check and let us know if anywhere's still not use the same format in the app?
Then it is a bug :) I assure you that my os is in Italian and uses that data format and that TickTick in every form uses mm-dd
It seems like a bug. Sorry for the inconvenience. Devs will look into it soon.
Hi TickTick

Is there any progress on fixing this date format bug?

This affects a lot of users and there are several other threads asking about this too:

Thank you.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Just double checked with the win devs. It will definitely be fixed in the next update.
Я тоже жду исправления формата ввода даты !!!
I'm stuck with the MM-DD-YYYY format on the web version of tick-tick.. no good! I'm not a Yank :)))
User should be allowed to change the date format to DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY whichever works for them. This should be a basic feature. Thank you.
is there still no possibility to change the date format to dd-mm-yy? sad
This change request has been in progress for so many year now, it was raised in 2018 its now 2020, when will this be fixed for the rest of the world outside the USA?
Need this too very annoying
I need this too. Any update?
Please can you fix this, it's very confusing.
Bump, would be nice if we could have actually useful smart date parsing!
I just recently emailed support about this but no response yet. Is there any update?
2 years and no updates... Huh.
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