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Calendar Sync in Windows Client does not seem to work
With the latest Windows Client, I have subscribed to both a Google Calendar and a URL based calendar and it will not synchronize those events into the TickTick Windows Client. I can seem the events in my TickTick Android app and Web app, but not Windows.

Are they overdue recurring tasks?
I am having the same problem. I have subscribed a google calendar and can see the events on the iOS and Mac TickTick apps. When I subscribed to the same calendar on the Windows desktop app, my events from my calendar do not appear.

Are they recurring events?
I have the same experience as Aron. If I add/change a event in my google calendar, the sync with de TickTick Android app and Web app happens correctly, but the sync with the Windows client takes very long or doesn't happen at all.

It doesn't only concern recurring events.

If you made any changes to the events on other platforms, you will need to click the manual sync button (top right corner) on win to trigger the sync. Sorry for the confusion.
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