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1 day difference between Win and Web

There is a constant 1 day difference between Win and Web due dates set for the tasks
Win is always 1 day behind web.
I have a screenshot but don't know how to attach it here

Please let me know can you reproduce this bug and how to solve it


What is your timezone? Could you please provide the screenshots of different dates showing and send to
timezone is UTC+3 (Minsk, Belarus), same all year round
I've sent a screenshot to the support email
Any update here?
Hi, any update? Issue still persists in the latest Win app update
This is reproduced if a task is created and the date is set in Web or Android version
If the task is created in Windows version, date in web and android is shown correctly
Also happened to me, dunno why. Checked time zones a couple of times

Are you using Windows desktop and Web app as well? What is your timezone?
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