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Sync Not Working
Just installed app on my samsung tablet, and it is showing outdated tasks that have long been completed or deleted. It does not match the tasks on my samsung phone or desktop.

Did you enable "Show Completed" on both Android and desktop? Please log in to the web app, and check if everything's correct there?
I have a similar problem. The Android client and the Web client do not show changes in the Windows client. It does not sync normally.

Have you upgraded to premium or you're still in free trial of the win app? We don't have free version for Windows. If you're a free user without trial, the win app cannot be used.
I am a premium user and have been for years. My apps and desktop are set to "show completed" I believe.

I haven't been able to use TickTick since this started. I went through and cleaned up all of the outdated tasks, reordered my lists as they should be. Then, when I reinstalled the app on my new device, everything reverted to the outdated tasks and list set up--across all platforms again.


Did you do all the cleaning up and reordering on Android? Did you restore everything on your old device too?
This has been an ongoing thing for me as well, but I've learned to deal with it because you guys have been great with every other issue. But if you could get the web, Windows and Android apps to sync that'd be wonderful
Yes, I had to do the clean up manually b/c too much of my life is on TickTick to straddle 2 task apps...especially at this time of year.

As far as I can tell, things are syncing all right. But I haven't done much adding/editing yet.
I have the same problem. Gtasks and tick tick show outdated tasks. I did not understand if the prkblem was solved for you and how?
@Yaniv Barzilai,

Did you mean the sync between Google tasks and TickTick? These two apps does not sync with each other. Gtasks is the app that syncs with Gtasks.
Hey Tick Tick , i am a new Pro user since 3 days, but I am facing the sync issue with the 2 andriods, 2 windows software, web, no matter from which platform I add a reminder / task creation or completion. I did a good research to choose the best & the right app that suit my needs after neglecting 15 different apps. Please do the needful asap to correct the sync issues.
@Marketing Sales,

Could you double check whether you've logged in with the same account? Could you please go to the web app, see if the tasks' there?

No, the sync between either of the apps to google tasks.
Long story, I had the sync issue since I got my new Galaxy Note 9 so I gave up GTasks and moved to google native new tasks app. I then found it hard to go on without some of GTasks features so I reinstalled it to find that sync is still not working. I decided to try ticktick and even the payed version to see if sync works but it doesn't - new tasks that I enter via google native tasks app or the desktop browser does not a show in GTasks or in tictick

TickTick does not support syncing with Google Tasks.

If your Gtasks didn't sync with Google tasks either, please try to authorize your Google account on manual via Google OAuth 2.0.(GTasks Settings > Account > +Account.
@oilexxxi - yes I have logged in the same account on all platforms. I have also sent a mail from my mail ID to your support mail ID with the screenshot for your reference
It's not just completing tasks, it's syncing across the board. For example, if I create a new task on the Android app it never shows up on the web or Windows version as having been created.
For me the problem is always with task completion or rescheduling and it never worked as it should. I changed a couple of android phones and always same scenario. From Samsung note 4 to Nokia 7 plus.

If I complete a task / postpone it on the web page - windows 10, I need to unlock my android device, enter the app and manually refresh to update specific task; or I need to complete tasks on the web/pc and few moments later on the phone. If I leave notification on the android phone and complete it on the another platform, it will not disappear from the phone in the background.

It is not a big deal to complete specific tasks on the both platforms but it is tiresome after some time.

This is my only complain for ticktick since the beginning of using a product as I moved from todoist more than a year ago. I need to say that Todoist always worked flawless for me with instant sync across all of the devices. Background sync is a key thing and priority in my opinion.

Please set up all the settings via "Settings" - "Sounds & Notifications" - "Reminder Not Working?".
@oilexxxi - Why is the syncing issue still not resolved ? If I add a task from Windows app, there is a 30 mins addition in the task when viewed on Android app
Hello, still experiencing the same issues. Win apps don't sync with web or android. Android and web sync perfectly. Unable to use Win app, which I supposed isn't too big of a deal. Hope sync issues between android and web don't arise.
I'm experiencing the same sort of issue. The Android app seems to get out of sync with the web very easily. Given how long this has been going on I'm seriously considering switching to a different task app which sucks, because I really like the rest of the features. But if you can't keep tasks in sync, then all the bells and whistles don't really matter.

Is there any plan to fix this?
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