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Sorting tasks doesn’t work
When I sort my tasks in Today, they keep reverting to how they were before. When I sort on my iOS app, they work. When I log in to windows app, they go back to how they were before, and then they overwrite the iOS sorting. This is very frustrating and i feel like I can’t trust the app to keep my to do list. Does anyone have a solution to sorting their tasks in order that they want to complete them. I don’t get why this is so difficult. Thanks!

Sorry for the inconvenience. Did you use the same sorting filter on win and iOS?
Hi, Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, I think I used the same sorting filter - but they are not labeled the same. Windows calls it "by date" and IOS calls it "by time".
It seems that there'a bug issue. Win devs will look into it asap.
Thank you!
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