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Some bugs
I have found some bugs in a windows version.

For example now is 1 pm, I set a reminder for a task at 1.30 pm and close the app. At 2 pm I open the app and don't see any new notifications. This way notifications are lost if the app was not running.

I have attached an image to a task and opened it in a image viewer. Then I have deleted the image from the task and I see that image is still on my pc and the file wasn't actually deleted

I'm afraid that these are not bugs, but exactly how they work now. 1) We don't support pushing reminders if the app's closed. 2) Deleting image from the app will not erase the local data on your computer.
Ok, but tasks become overdue only at the next day which seems illogical, because task has to become overdue after specified time, as for the above example at 1.31 pm and further. This can help to do not miss the important task.
will it be fixed?

This is how it works now. You may add a "Today" widget to your desktop and avoid missing important tasks.
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