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How do I download attached images?
Hi. I use ticktick on my Android phone to save images for reference and inspiration for different projects.

However I can't download the images from the mac app. There is a download button in task view, but it doesn't seem to do anything or at least I don't know where the image has been download to. It shows a download animation when pressed, but nothing else happens. The image isn't saved to my macos downloads folder.

It would be nice if pressing the icon:
a. gave me an option of where I wanted to save the image or
b. saved it to the defaults downloads folder and opened the folder with the image selected.

Optimally the first time I pressed a download icon in the app it would ask me with of the above options it should default to (like most browsers do the first time your download a file).

Otherwise thanks for a great app!

All the best,

Sorry for the inconvenience. The download button is supposed to work. This is a known issue. We will have it fixed in the next update.
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