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Skip Weekends
Would you please explain how the "skip weekends" feature works? I couldn't find any information in the help center other than announcing that it was added to Android.

Here is a scenario:

I have a work task that repeats every month on the first day of the month. I click "skip weekends" in the repeat pattern. Next month the first is on a Sunday. Will "skip weekends" skip that instance of the event and therefore the next task instance is in two months, or will TickTick move the task to the next day, Monday the second?

Thank you!

The next task will appear on the first workday of the month if you selected "skip weekends". :)
This is not happening for me. TickTick moves the next event two months in advance.
This doesn't appear to be the case for me at least in the preview. When setting up a due date every 1 month each 6th where "Skip Weekends" is checked, I can see that no date is highlighted in the month of June 2020 as it falls on a Saturday. Ideally this should schedule the task the next Monday, June 8th.

Can someone confirm whether or not this is just a visual thing? Not showing up in the preview doesn't give me a lot of confidence to set this and miss a deadline.

Edit: Doing my own test entry, I can confirm that it does not behave correctly and skips the entire month where a task falls on the weekend.
Has there been an update to this issue. I agree, skipping the weekend should take it to the next non-weekend day, not miss a whole period of the repeat time!
Hi guys,

Sorry no immediate plans for it now, but will bring up your feedback to the product team for reevaluation.
In case someone finds this useful, I had the same problem and what I did was reschedule my tasks as follows: "custom - set repeat every 1 month - workday - last workday". In this way I ensure that task appears on the last Friday of the month. This way I avoid ticking "skip weekends".

For other cases I programmed the same way but I only changed "last workday to first workday" so that it appears on Monday.

Ideally, it should automatically reschedule for the next business day, just like Steve says.

Would you please explain how to change the weekend day in the setting?
For example, I want to set Friday as a weekend day.
I think this can help you:
"custom -> set repeat every 1 month (or whatever you need) -> workday -> On The (and here select the day you want)
I agree with others have said.

For a monthly repeating task with “skip weekends” enabled, if the repeat date falls on a weekend, the task should appear on the next non-weekend date that month. This should not cause the task to skip that month.

Example: I have a report due on the 10th of each month. If the 10th falls on a weekend, the report is due the following Monday.
I don’t want the monthly reminder for this report to show up in my list on the weekend. If I select “skip weekends”, I want the reminder to appear in my list on Monday immediately following the weekend.
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