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TickTick not responding
I have been using TickTick for the past 2 weeks without issue and after restarting my Android phone today, the app no longer loads properly. When I try to open the core app, the screen goes black and a minute later I get a screen saying "TickTick isn't responding". Close, Wait or send feedback.

I can see the notifications on the notification screen along with clicking on the Plus button on the notification screen to add new task entries. I can also see and manipulate my TickTick tasks on the widget screen. However, I can't open the TickTick app and get access to the main screens. Nor do I get any of the notifications that allow you to postpone 15m, 1hr, 3hr ,etc.

I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no help.


Sorry for the troubles. Could you please provide your mobile model and TickTick account? We will check it for you soon.
I was able to get it working by uninstalling, restarting my phone then reinstalling. Last time I just uninstalled and immediately reinstalled without the restart which did not fix the issue. All set. Thanks.
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