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Tasks added in Android app does not appear in Windows or Web app
Tasks added in det Android app is missing in the windows and web app. I keep syncing and reloading, but the tasks stays unsynced.... Also tasks that is completed on one platform stay uncompleted in the other platform.
I have the same issue.

Could you please edit the unsynced tasks and then hit the manual sync button on other platforms, see if that helps? If not, please pull down in the Android app, then go to Settings - find Send Feedback and email us (the email will auto collect the error log). We will then look into it for you soon.
just did. Sent you emil from the app.
Have tested some more. If i log into Ticktick with the browser i private mode all tasks appear. So it seems to be a browser dependent issue - not Android app issue. I have also logged out and inn again in my browser, and the missing tasks is still missing.
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