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missing google calendar
One of my Google Calendars is not showing up in TickTick. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting calendars and re-subscribing. They show up on my iphone, but not in Windows. Help?

Did you subscribe via URL or google account?
Google account.
I've been using the app for some time both at home and at work, and it has been great. This is a new problem.
Could you please log in to the web app (, see if the events are showing there?
Yes, they show up in the web app.

That's strange. Could you go to the calendar subscription settings in the Windows app and check if you've selected to "Show" your google cal?

Also, if you were referring to the calendar view feature, please click the filter icon at the top right corner in the calendar view and check if you've filtered to show google events there?
Yes, I've done both those things several times. Just did it again. I do have a lot of calendars on my Google account, because that's my way of filtering events on Google Calendar, but it has always worked fine before. I just checked the settings for the calendar in Google Calendar, and everything looks fine.

Could you please provide some screenshots of your settings to with the case? We will have a check for you soon.
Did that this morning. Look for an email from
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