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Web app cannot parse dates in text
If I say "do something in 7 days" the web app cannot parse it where as the mobile app does it perfectly
Settings - Preferences - Smart date parsing and enable it?
yup it is enabled & it's not like it doesn't work at all

"do something tomorrow" works
"do something 23 Dec" works
"do something in 3 days" doesn't work
I don't think we support this kind of date format at the moment. You may check the official doc out here:
But it works on mobile app so it's only supported on specific platforms?
“In x days” format is not supported on mobile apps either. Are you referring to an Android device or iPhone?
I'm referring to Android as I'm already using it with that format I cannot attach a screenshot here to show you but it works on Android
Sorry for the confusion. Just double checked with the devs. We have decided and started to improve the smart recognition feature. Seems like the Android devs were a bit ahead of the schedule comparing to other platforms. All platforms will be supporting this format soon.
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