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Different task dates for the web and mobile app
Different date of task execution on Android and web. Example: the web is set to November 19, Android is shown as November 18. Forced synchronization and relogin does not help. This is a very critical problem for obvious reasons.

Could you please provide the timezone settings on your phone and computer?
Your computer and phone have a GTM +4 time zone
What is your location? Have you tried to refresh the browser, see if that fixes the issue?
Location — Volgograd, Russia. A month ago, our time zone changed. It was GTM+3, became GTM+4. Maybe that's the reason. Previously, everything was fine and there was no such problem. In the browser, the correct date in the mobile application-wrong. Either one day earlier or one day later. I'll try reinstalling the app on my phone.
Colleagues, hi. What's the status on my problem? In the browser console, I see a lot of API connection errors. Is it a related problem or a separate one?

Thanks for the info. We have found the issue and will have it fixed soon.
Colleagues, you were able to understand the problem of connecting to the API or synchronization of time tasks on the web and Android? I still have a different number of tasks in Today on the web and on my phone. One task has different deadlines on different platforms (web and Android).

I think you agree that this is trouble. There's less joy in using a TIck Tick if it doesn't sync. Maybe I have a problem somewhere, but then tell me where and what I can fix? If the problem is not solved, I will be forced to part with you. Really don't want it.

It's been fixed already. Could you have a try?
It is not fixed. Just went feon NY to Houston and all are off by 1 day. Have not crossed midnight.
Not fixed. The application and the web have different number of tasks for the same day., are you referring to the web app or Android?

@Vasiliy, did you see incorrect task counts only, or the time's incorrect when checking into the task details? Have you entirely logged off from the web app, then give it a try?
After your message that everything is corrected I decided to check. For this I logout on the web and Android.
Logged back in to the web and Android. On the web today is the 5th task in the Android app 4 tasks. Of course, that execution dates are different. One and the same task on the web has a deadline today, and in Android tomorrow. And in the web shows the correct time, and in the application or behind by one day, or in a hurry.
Could you please create a new "All-day" task on the web, then check if the date's correct on Android; then create a new "All-day" task on Android and check if the date appears correct on the web?
Created a task on the web. Deadline-October 10. In Android, she appeared, but with a deadline of 9 October — the case is incorrect.
Created a task in Android. Deadline-October 10. In the Web, she appeared with a deadline of October 10-in this case everything is correct.
Colleagues, what is the status on this issue? It's been a long time, there is no result, the error persists. When will it be fixed? Updating the version of the Android app did not fix the situation. Similar issue when syncing with Google Calendar.
Why are you ignoring my messages? The problem is two months old and still not solved. Why should I pay money for a service that doesn't work and doesn't care about my customers? With whom from management I can solve this question?
Sorry for the late reply. We will provide a timezone app for you via email. Please install it in your phone, screenshot the page you see after opening it and send it back to us.
The application is not installed. At installation writes an error "the Application is not installed". The application has been granted all permissions.
Colleagues, the problem still persists. The web and the application have different deadlines for the task. Timezones are set the same. Please understand the problem.
I've been facing the same issue for the past few months. Are you still trying to solve it?
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