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Pomo counting not syncing

My Pomos between my iOS (12.1) and my Mac (10.13.6) don't sync at all.

I usually start with 2 Pomos from my phone (reading early before work), and then I move into my computer. Whenever I begin my workday, the Pomos counter is at 0, when it should be at 2.

Please, let me know! :)

Could you log in to the web app, see if the pomo count is correct there?
Yes, and also it works on the Mac app as well.

It seems I have to refresh the app for the counter to sync manually. It'd be great if it were done automatically.

Many thanks.
It should be auto-synced. Where did you see the pomo count as 0? In the Mac app? Mini window or task detail view?
Hi, it was in the Mac app. I start on my iPhone, then go to the Mac to continue with the remaining daily tasks.

The issue is in the mini window. It seems that I have to either wait a bit (a long bit) or manually click in the task counter. If not, it doesn't sync at all.
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