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Statistic for tags. How much time have I spent for a specific tag?
Hi Support/Team,
I recently became a pro user of TickTick. I compared side by side your App (MacOS, iPad and iPhone) including one of your big competitor Todoist and I would say that your product is far superior than the others in term of task management. Your UX/UI for MacOs and iOS is very awesome and neat, your features such as Calendar scheduling/arrangements, Pomodoro Technique whose I'm a great fun, smart list etc.. are extremely useful.

That said, here is my request:

I'm trying to categorising (using tags) my both recurring tasks (habits) and one time tasks. Those tasks/habits have some tags associated (#productivity, #movie, #family, #work #music, etc..)

Often when I start working on a particular task I start a Pomodoro timer that helps me to track my work and it's distraction-free.

When I'm looking at my statistics, It would be really useful to know how much time and percentage I've spent for a particular tag or group of tags.

In this way I can know have a big picture of where I spent time the most that would help to organise myself better.

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