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Change only one occurrence for recurring tasks in Calendar view
Hi Support,
Scheduling a task, or what you call Arrange tasks in calendar view, both for iOS and Mac is simply awesome.

However, sometimes it happens that I have a recurring task planned (all day because i'm not sure beforehand when exactly I'll be able to do that) and during my Weekly/Daily review I have to change the time only for that specific recurring task.

Is there a way to do that both on MacOS and iOS (iPad) ?

Please, this feature is so crucial for task management!

For now, we only support to skip or postpone a recurrence (left swipe on it in list view - quick date menu - skip/postpone). More functions for repeating tasks will be implemented in the future. Devs are already working on it. :)
That's great news. I agree this is needed. Thank you for letting us know!
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