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Any plan to enhance the recurring option for specific workday/weekday?
TickTick already has great functionality for recurring task, including 1st and last workday of month. Any plan to enhance it for users to assign more specific workday of month?


Try the custom option for task repeating?
the custom option for task repeating can only support to setup 1st and last workday of month. I am saying can it be extended to support more specific workday setup, such as every 5th workday of month, etc

We only support "every 5 days" or "day 5 of every month". To support every 5th workday of month is not in our plan.
Sorry to hear that.
thanks for your reply.

@oilexxxi, sad to hear this, really needed functional.
Maybe is there any possibitily to include it in your future plans?

Thanks a lot.
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