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Tag Sorting - Some Alphabetical Recent Ones Not
Hi, on the left panel in IOS and Mac App (and maybe this is issue in other platforms as well), my tags are mainly sorted alphabetically. When I added a tag, it just automatically got added to the appropriate place on the list based on first letter. However, about 6 weeks ago I noticed that new tags were simply being added on top of the list rather than joining the other tags which are sorted alphabetically.

It's very annoying to have this blended list where some are alphabetical and some are by date added. To add to my confusion, I saw a comment from a TickTick employee to another thread saying that there were no plans to sort tags alphabetically when this capability obviously already exists.

Sorry for the confusion. We did make some changes to this feature. Because the "drag&drop to sort order" function has been supported to the tags on the left sidebar.
So it will be useful to have a option onetime manually sort all tags alphabetically. We have 50 tags and is very hard to sort them. At least function on the web.
Hey ivo,

Thanks for the feedback, will pass them to the product team and do an evaluation soon.
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