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Cannot set a default time (not Reminder) for new tasks

I have several daily tasks scheduled in the evening.
In the evening tasks I have set the Time for example to 10pm.

If I add new tasks for a day these tasks are always shown below the tasks in the evening.

But usually I would like to do the tasks scheduled for the day before the tasks scheduled in the evening. Unfortunately the shown order of the tasks is not the order I would like to deal with.

Setting the default reminder time does not have an effect on the sort order.

A solution would be to also provide a possibility the set the default time for new tasks.

Could you please add this feature to the next version?
I mean, all other attributes like priority, reminder and date are included in the perferences.

Thank you!

Have you tried to sort them by time in the list view? Click the "..." button at the top right corner - Sort - By time.
Yes, I have them sorted by time. That means, all tasks with a time set are sorted and shown at the top and than all others are just displayed belows.
What I think about is, if I could set the default time for new tasks for example to 9am, than all newly created tasks will be shown at the top and all other tasks with a concrete other time, in the afternoon or eventing will be shown below.
That would be the naturally order of the tasks I have to do.
Settings - Preferences - Default add to.
'Default add to' is set to 'Top of the List'.
But, new tasks are still listed below the tasks with a time set.
Sorry, to support default time for this feature is not in our current.
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