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In the web version, the time is minus 1 hour
В приложении (Андроид) время на задачу стоит 21:00, в web версии минус 1 час (20:00). Россия не переводит часы на зимнее время.

In the application (Android), the time for the task is 21:00, in the web version minus 1 hour (20:00). Russia does not convert the clock to winter time.

Could you please provide your location, timezone and browser info?
Location: Russia, Izhevsk. Timezones +4 hours. Browser: Opera v. 56.0.3051.52

What is the timezone setting in your phone?
+4 hours, on PC: +4 hours
Have you ever manually changed the timezone settings on your computer or your mobile? Could you please create a new task and see if everything's correct?
Solved the problem by installing a patch for win7
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