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TickTick win app is available now
TickTick win app is available now

- Show/hide certain time block on the timeline
- Individual reminder for all-day tasks
- Set estimated pomo for tasks
- Tasks can end their recurrences after a scheduled number of times

TickTick Team
Just updated app and now it won’t open at all. Just FYI.

Posted here by mistake. It’s the 4.7.50 iPhone app that won’t open
I have the same error. Just updated and get splash screen then a crash.
Uninstall and reinstall fixes the problem
Trying to change time block duration to hide on the week view in the calendar (dragging the divider), but it doesn't work. Windows app on Windows 10.
Upd: Restarting the app helped, divider became draggable, but it resets the time block to default at every app restart.
Thanks for the pomo to task connection, been really waiting for it!
Is there an ETA on when the Web + Windows versions will get bug fixes for the syncing across multiple devices issue?

As it is, both are pretty useless if they can't keep in sync when I add or complete tasks on Android
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