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Still a problem with recurring tasks
TickTick does some weird things with recurring tasks.
1) Sometimes if you repeat a task yearly, it puts it the day before for the next year (ie 2nd Oct 2018 will repeat on 1st October 2019).
2) Sometimes a repeating task will appear at a random place in the same year. For example, I have a current task that is on 12 Nov 2018 and is set to repeat yearly. Yet for some reason it also appears on 19th Nov, even though if you view the 19 Nov task it states the due date as the 12th!

I was a long time TickTick user then decided to move over to Todoist because it is more accurate and stable and got fed up of these bizarre anomalies. I need a second brain I can trust.
I recently came back to TickTick as I thought your issues had been fixed but I'm disappointed they haven't as I much prefer the UI and features of TickTick, such as calendar and pomo timer.

Sorry for the troubles. Could you specify your platform? We will look into it soon.
Android M and Windows 10

Did the issue happen on both platform or one of the platform?
I've had issues on both platforms including descrepancies in dates between the two but I mainly use the Android app.
Are you using the windows 10 app, or the web app on a windows device?
The app.

We've released a new version days ago. Could you please upgrade to it and give it another try?
I am still waiting for the update to appear - Google Play says it was last updated on 17th October.

Please update your win app, not the Android app. Sorry for the confusion.

Download page:
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