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Completion sound on Mac #featurerequest
Hey Appest team. Thank you for adding the task completion sound on Android app, that's awesome. I really liked this feature on Wunderlist. Might seem like a minor thing for some but it's actually not. This makes marking a task complete so much more rewarding. It gamifies the experience. You not only see a task you put your effort in completing disappear but you actually hear it. Some tasks took weeks to complete, you know :)

Anyway, to me it looks like a total inconsistency in experience not having the sound on the Mac app. Like, really?! ) Please, could you add at least any completion sound?

Thanks for reaching out to us. We will implement more completion sounds in future updates.
I totally agree with this. This is pretty basic yet missing. Already a year since the last comment. Could you add this on the Mac app please. Also an ex Wunderlist user. Checking off a task always provides a satisfying "Ding" sound.
This is huge for behavioural/pavlovian reinforcement. Simply adding a completion sound will increase your customer engagement with the app, retention and repeat subscriptions long term!
Noted! We'll add your vote to it.
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