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Possiblity to disable spell checking
Under all OSX applications (for ex. Textedit) one can disable spell checking features by going to menu Edit -> Spelling and Grammar -> ...

In TickTick this menu is not globally available, as in most other applications. But it is available for each textbox (Title of task, Description of Task etc.). It is cumbersome to disable it on each textbox.

Spell checking get's in the way if you mix languages as we do.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will evaluate this feedback soon.
Update for OSX

Even when disabling the automatic spelling for a single textbox (-> title or descriptions fields of one task), the application forget's this setting.

This is very annoying, since every text input is auto corrected.

It is standard, that OSX applications have the possibility to disable spell check/autocorrect on a per app level.

Please fix this.

Sorry for the late reply. Devs are working on it now, should be available soon.
This is good news, am really looking forward to this update... Thank you.

any update on this? This is indeed very annoying.
+1. I just subscribed and this bug is a showstopper for me.
Any progress on this?
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