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Synchronize Problem across platform

I've been using TickTick on Samsung Note 8and Web for more than a year already. Recently I just bought an iPhone and install TickTick. When I signed in, all the to-do list as well as all tasks were sync to my new iPhone. However, there's no due date coming with. So I manually add to each tasks the same due dates to the iPhone version as on my Android with the hope that they'll start sync. However, after I added due dates on iPhone, when I checked Calendar functions on my Android device and web mode on my laptop, most tasks aren't shown on my calendar view. Pls help me asap. Thanks.

Could you double check whether you've signed in with the same account? You may click your profile pic to enter the personal info page on iOS and check in there?
Yes, I use same account. But I found the problem. The 2 platforms use different time local. Iphone was using Thai Local Time and Date, whereas Android was using US Local Time and Date. So it caused the error.
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