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App making static noise during Pomo timer
I just updated my Mac app to version 2.8 and when I started a Pomo timer, it caused a very loud static noise. It doesn't happen when I turn the sound/notification to 'none', but I like to have it on so I know when my Pomo is over. Anyone know how to fix this?

Sorry for the late reply. Did you mean the sound after a pomo's completed? We have found this issue and will have it fixed in the next update.
Hello, I have the same problem. When I start a pomo timer there's a noise during all the pomo. I have this problem on ios.
Hi, I've just started having this problem, iOS app Pomo has white noise playing in background with no way to turn this off

EDIT: I've found the problem!! There is a setting top left to change the background noise (same as MacOS) however it's white so you can't see it!!! Please colour the button in ��

Edit 2: After further investigation the button is only invisible when there is sound playing, when background noise is set to 'none' the button is visible.
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