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More Colors or give us option to input hex color
I need more colors. Just plain and simple :D

Thanks, great app

Do you want more colors for lists or themes?

Not more themes, but ability to set colours ourselves
I think he means tags and list. Although having the option to decorate your theme would be dope
It would be a great feature if the first tag assigned would change the color of the task in web view.
Sorry for late answer and poor specification of my idea. What I ment was to give us more colors of list and tag edit. I'm graphic designer and I have created lists for every brand that I work for. What I wanna to do is to give specific color for every list based on brand logo color. To be able recognize tasks in calendar view. Basically, what I want to say is that I have ran out of usable colors. And now I have to repead the same colors wich make my work flow dificult. I like to link colors in different apps and folders with your amazing to-do app.

Themes are nice. But they are kinda useless because they are disrupting text of list folders.
I would prefer more customization. To make it feel more personal.
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