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No sound
That's it. I don't get a completion sound when I finish a task or Pomodoro. I deleted and downloaded my app again, so I'm using the most up to date version. I'd really like the sound back.

Did you enable silence mode or do not disturb mode? If you still have the same issue, please provide your phone model and phone system.
I have the same issue. The pomodoro timer doesn't produce the end sound once the timer completes. This used to work a while ago. I'm on iPhone X, iOS 12.3.1.

I do not have Do Not Disturb turned on, and Sounds is enabled for TickTick in the notification settings. I get sound alerts when tasks are due. TickTick Completion Sound is set to J/ingle.Pomo Ring Tone is set to Music Box. I tried changing the TickTick Completion Sound to a different one but still no sound

I deleted and reinstalled the app but have the same issue.

Please help.

A quick update : If I switch to another app, the pomodoro timer completion notification and sound appears but if I have tick tick open on the pomodoro timer screen no sound is made upon completion.
Hey guys,

Have noted the issue down and the dev team will look into this asap.
I have the same problem (iPhone 6s)
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