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No sound
That's it. I don't get a completion sound when I finish a task or Pomodoro. I deleted and downloaded my app again, so I'm using the most up to date version. I'd really like the sound back.

Did you enable silence mode or do not disturb mode? If you still have the same issue, please provide your phone model and phone system.
I have the same issue. The pomodoro timer doesn't produce the end sound once the timer completes. This used to work a while ago. I'm on iPhone X, iOS 12.3.1.

I do not have Do Not Disturb turned on, and Sounds is enabled for TickTick in the notification settings. I get sound alerts when tasks are due. TickTick Completion Sound is set to J/ingle.Pomo Ring Tone is set to Music Box. I tried changing the TickTick Completion Sound to a different one but still no sound

I deleted and reinstalled the app but have the same issue.

Please help.

A quick update : If I switch to another app, the pomodoro timer completion notification and sound appears but if I have tick tick open on the pomodoro timer screen no sound is made upon completion.
Hey guys,

Have noted the issue down and the dev team will look into this asap.
I have the same problem (iPhone 6s)
I'm Trying to set a reminder that will sound an alarm every time I arrive at a place. I managed to set up correctly by placing the location, but instead of an audible alert, the feedback I get when I arrive. The place is just a vibration and not the ringtone that I had pre set up.
Happy to report that the sound issue I was facing has been fixed with the latest update. The pomodoro timer now rings upon completion when the app is open. Thanks!
I'm still having the same sound issue. After finishing a pomodoro, no sound is played.

Samsung Note 5
Android 7, Security Patch August 2018
Ticktick V5.2.0

- App has full permission; notifications are allowed.
I also tried prioritizing, meaning that notification are turned on despite "do not disturb"-mode

- Pomodoro sound is only played, if phone sound is turned on. If bluetooth headphones are connected, pomodoro sounds are still played through phone speakers.

- Pomodoro sound will not be played neither in vibrate mode nor silent mode, which is a bummer because I use pomodoro in the library.

Will all toDo's and entries be deleted, when I reinstall app? That's the only option I haven't tried yet.

Fyi: Sound works perfectly on MacBook

Cheers from Germany,
Hey Josh,

Could please provide your phone model and phone system?
Hey Carol,

### Phone Model Number ###
Samsung-SM-N920A (Note 5 Series)

### Build Number ###

### Knox version ### (in case this helps)
- Knox 2.7.1
- Standard SDK 5.7.1
- Premium SDK 2.7.1
- Customization SDK 2.7.1
- Container 2.7.1
- CEP 2.1.1
- OTP 2.6.0
- SE for Android 2.4.3
- SSO 2.5.0
- Shared Device 2.6.0
- TIMA 3.3.015
- VPN 2.3.0

### Phone OS ###
Android 7.0 (security patch from August 1st, 2018)

### Kernel version ###
It sounds as though the sound issue was supposed to be fixed, and some people aren't having an issue anymore? I still have a problem not getting the sounds. Same as above Do Not Disturb is off, sounds and notifications are enabled. Tried multiple completion tones. Still won't play sounds. I've deleted & re-downloaded as well.

iPhone 7
Version 5.2.10
iOS 12.4

I have the same issue as well. I cannot get ANY sounds to work.

iPhone 7 Plus
iOS 13.3.1
I am also having the same issue as above not working on iPhone XR
I have the same issue with iPhone11 ios 13.4
Hah! I googled how to turn the sound on, but found this thread...
Hey guys (devs)! Thanks for the amazing app, but don't bee like Microsoft! I tried to switch to Microsoft ToDo from Wunderlist, but they don't hear their users... Now i'm trying your app, but it's very sad to see, that such a simple feature you can't fix years... ((((
I am having the same issue with Realme C2
it seams it doesnt work on ios - no sound after completion, it seams that ticktick wont solve the alarm problem any time soon ... sad ... i come from rtm and the pomo timer is one of the reasons i am trying ticktick ...
Just a heads-up for people having this issue; I solved it by setting the media volume - not notification volume - to max in my phone settings. So check if you have your media volume set to low or mute.
Still have the same problem on iPhone 11, no sound after a Pomo is done
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