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Apostrophe bug
Hi - a minor bug that has been around for years, but thought I might mention it as you may not be aware.

When you enter a task on an iPhone that includes an apostrophe it looks fine in the iOS app. E.g. "Repair Sam’s toy": the apostrophe is an angled "curly" quote (HTML &rsquo), which is what the iPhone uses.

However when that task is sync'd by TickTick, the version that appears on the web is corrupted. That example would become "Repair Sam' s toy" with a straight apostrophe and white space.

This issue was caused by the display effect of the font we used. It's still the same apostrophe, but looks different. Devs will look into it and try to improve in the future.
I'll second this issue. Personally, I don't care which apostrophe character is used, but the extra space that appears in the Windows web version is annoying.
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