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Resize sidebar?
This applies to both the Mac as well as the web version.

Is there any way to resize the sidebar (ie. make it wider)? Some of my projects have longish names that are cut off so they don't wrap into the next line, and there appears to be no way to increase the width of the thing at all.

Unless I'm simply missing something obvious here, please consider this as a feature request.

I also would like this feature.

Thank you!
I also would like this feature.

Thank you

We will support this function for the mac app in the future. To implement it on the web is not in our current plan.
This feature would be very helpful as the narrow sidebar with longer names is frustrating. Is this scheduled to be added soon to the Mac app?
+1 on this feature, long lists names are hidden
+1 more
+1 Is this still in the plan?
+1 This doesn't yet seem to be a feature for the Mac app unless I am missing something. Would be very helpful!
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