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How do i use ticktick concerning things i want to *avoid* doing?
The best i can do is to check of a task in the end of the day that i didn't do a certain thing, but that's not a very good way of doing it as it'll come overdue.

If you still want to do this task in the future, you may reschedule it with another due date. If you are not going to accomplish the task, simply delete it from the app. If you don't want to do it, yet you want to keep it in the app, you may use the tag feature and give it a tag such as "#undone".
I think you misunderstood. I mean, let's say i have a goal to stop eating candy. How would I make a "task" which is about avoiding it?

I guess the way to simulate it best from what i know is if i put the task as completed in the end of the day, then i "uncomplete" it if i end up doing the bad habit. and then i'll delete it before i go to bed so it won't go overdue
TickTick is a to-do list, not a habit tracker. The best you could do is to create a recurring task and postpone it every time you fail to not eat candy, which will have negative impact on your statistics.

Or create a task with duration and mark your progress with percentage.

alright fair enough, thank you!
The percentage suggestion seems really good. I have been running TickTick and a habit tracker concurrently since they handle different types of tasks, but it seems like a natural extension of task-list functionality.
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