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Subtask time not cleared
Good day.
Problem. If you delete the runtime from the subtask, then it is stamped again.
How to repeat:
1. Create several subtasks via the web interface
2. Wait until they have expired
3. Clear the deadline for the subtask
4. Go to the task list from another device
5. Subtasks will again have a deadline.

Expected behavior:
subtasks will not have a deadline because I deleted it

It seems like it didn't get synced to the other device. Did you check the other device immediately after clearing the deadline on the web? Could you try manual sync on the other platform, see if it works then?
Of course, I tried to immediately update the task list on another device, but synchronization does not occur.

Could you try adding a new subtask on the platform where you cleared the reminder before, see if the new one syncs to the other platform?
Added a new subtask in the web, set a deadline for it. Pressed Synchronize. Checked on Android. Subtask appeared.

Deleted in web term have subtasks. Pressed synchronize. Opened the app on Android. Synchronized. Opened the subtask, the deadline was set. In fact, there was no synchronization.
Try switching your browser to private mode and see if it got synced?
The browser is fine. Does not sync Android application, if the subtask to remove the due date. If you remove the subtasks at all, but they will be removed in the Android application. The problem is in the synchronization of the deadlines for the subtasks.
Could you please pull down in the app, then go to Settings - find Send Feedback and email us (the email will auto collect the error log)? We will look into it for you soon.
Sent an email through the Android app. But the letter was not error log
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