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Repeated tasks not shown
Even if I tick the option under the three dots, on the Windows-app, future cycles of a task are not shown anymore.

Also, if I finish a task that should repeat, ALL other tasks in the future disappear!

The web-app and the android-app seem to work perfectly.

Sorry for the troubles. This is a known issue. We will have it fixed in the next update.
And they're not showing again, this time neither in the android-app or on the windows-app. Also new tasks that I create won't have future cycles.

I have no filters selected, show future cycles is switched on.
Additional info: after reinstalling the android-app, they're back, but still not showing up on the windows app

Sorry for the trouble. Could you provide the repeat rule you set for those tasks? On which platform did you create them?
Doesn't matter if I create the tasks on Windows or Android: They're not shown on the Windows-app. The repeat rule is "weekly".
It's still not working...
Sorry about the wait. Dev team has been trying to reproduce the issue on our end but with no luck. Could you clarify that the issue happened with tasks or subscribed events? Also, could you provide some screenshots to with the case?
It's still not working...
The completion of a repeated (in my case monthly) task in Windows App stops its re-creating.[windows app -].
Everything works correctly in the web application (the task is repeated in the next period).
I have same problem
Repeated tasks not shown in windows app
Android and web is ok now
Hello, reccuring tasks are indeed not shown in the windows application. Moreover, as soon as i tick the task as completed, the task doesn't jump on the next day, it disappears both in the app and in the web version.

Can you solve this issue, as used to work from the app now.

Thank you
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